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Lovely Golden Butterfly Necklace

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Metal Color

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The Butterfly Choker is a beautiful elegant vintage style necklace. It’s a great way to show off your love of butterflies and summer.  Can be worn with anything and is suitable for all occasions.

Butterfly Meaning

The butterfly’s most common symbolism is one pertaining to growth and progress. It teaches us to be aware of the heights we could reach, and to consciously work towards the summit. It reminds us that the long journey behind us is daunting — it is meant to be this way. After all, only through trials can we really taste the sweetness of victory. What do you think crosses the mind of the caterpillar when it learns it must one day become this beautiful creature? And yet once it begins to soar through the fields, it learns that every step was worth it.

The butterfly is also a symbol of moving out of our comfort zones. Just like progress, this isn’t always easy. The caterpillar may be well content to crawl and chew on leaves, but there is something to be said about sipping nectar instead!

Just as joy attracts fortune, the ancient Celts believe that butterflies attract luck and prosperity. In some quarters, the tiny winged creature is hailed as a symbol of honor.

In Irish circles, a white butterfly is thought to contain the spirit of a child, and so it should not be harmed.

In China, the butterfly has several different meanings. Its appearance is a symbol of beauty and grace. Two butterflies symbolize the perfect love of youth. Butterfly meanings also change depending on the animal it appears with — for example, it symbolizes longevity when in tandem with a cat.

When a butterfly appears in dreams, this means there may be an opportunity for prosperity coming your way. Keep an eye out and don’t miss it! This may also be a symbol of upcoming change, so stay on the alert.

Makes a great gift

The Butterfly Choker makes a great gift for the butterfly lover in your life, or even a great gift to yourself.  The elegance of the necklace makes it great for any occasion.

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Raegan Tremblay

I love it!

Pascale Kirlin

Very pretty!

Camron Heller

Precious, high quality product looks really good

Julie Jacobson

Great Quality !

Eddie Marks

Pendant is beautiful, everything is OK